Thursday, February 26, 2009

Before the Beginning

I was home schooled as a child. That was back when people asked if homeschooling was legal, when mom didn't allow us to go outside until after the schools let out, and when our neighbors called CPS because they noticed that we weren't getting on the school bus. That was also back when many curriculum publishers did not sell books to homeschoolers and there certainly was not any curricula written or designed for homeschoolers. I was home schooled back in the dark ages of homeschooling.

God used the amazing experience of my mother being diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live at the age of 35, to push our family into homeschooling. My mom was thirty-five years old and pregnant with her fifth child. I was the oldest at eleven.

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megan said...

I love this story, it was heart warming and full of truth! GOD will bless you for honoring him...I wish some of your faith to rub off on me sometime's I feel like he is talking to everyone else except me it makes me want to scream. Blessings to you

Randi said...

Thank you for sharing your homeschooling story. I have considered it as well (I still have a little more time to think about it because my kids are so young). I love how your family has embraced the important things in this life : glorifying God, building relationships, loving, serving.

I am interested to see some of your methods! :)

Homeschool Dawn said...

What a wonderful testimony! Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful heart you have for your family, too. Glad I found your blog. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

I am so encouraged by your blog...I have read through a couple of your entries...I LOVE the Family closet idea and will share with my husband tonight to get his thoughts:) We have 5 children...4 girls & 1 boy and another due July 23rd. We had our children going to a Christian school and have pulled them all out this past Jan. to homeschool.

A friend forwarded me your blog today...the Lord knew I needed encouragement. Thankyou for your faithfulness , you have blessed my homeschool journey.