Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's is for Families

Our family is a bit atypical in many ways and thus our celebration of Valentines. Our children LOVE traditions. If we did it that way last year, they will remind us and want to do it again. That is fine with me. It helps my brain to not have to think of new things all the time.

Every Valentines Day we have a big family dinner, well we do that most everyday, but the twist is that the boys in our family have fun together fixing a very special meal for the girls. The traditional meal is an appetizer of M &M's, main course of salad, potatoes with all the toppings, and steak. We usually have something special, like soda, to drink.

When dinner is ready the boys come escort the girls one by one into the dinning room, sometimes presenting them with a flower or treat, and seat them at the table. The boys also serve the meal and clean the dishes. Hopefully our sons are learning to be sweet, romantic husbands just like their dad.

This is a Valentines tradition that our whole family enjoys, boys and girls alike. We love having special times together as a family.

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