Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jonathan Park-Vol 1- Free!

Yes, the full Volume 1 of Jonathan Park , that is 12 full episodes from Behemoth.com. Quick this will only last through Friday .

Jonathan Park Volumes are collections of fast paced, high action, old time radio adventures which include loads of creation facts. When I first heard about these I was a bit dubious, but our children love these stories. They are one of our children's favorite products from Vision Forum.

Each Jonathan Park Volume includes 4 Cd's and costs about $25 from Vision Forum, the download from Behemoth is usually $17.95, but just for the rest of the week it's FREE. Are you still here? Oh, you want to know how to get this amazing deal?

Go to Behemoth.com and create an account or sign into your already existing account. If you are creating a new account you will need to enter a credit card number, just like creating an iTunes account, but you won't be charged anything unless you make a purchase.

Once you have logged in follow these instructions:

  • Click on the cart link on the top right of the page.
  • On the cart page you will see a field labeled "Redeem a Coupon"
  • In this field type "jonathanpark" without the quotes
  • Enjoy the FREE downloads that will appear in your cart
My husband and I have learned a lot of creation vs. evolution arguments by listening to these programs, so even if you don't have kids... I mean it IS free!

Be sure to check the Behemoth.com homepage for their daily freebies.

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