Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday-The Sick Addition

Since the four youngest children have been sick this week, I have decided to do a themed version of "Not me!" Monday.

When one of the children gets ill in the middle of the night I do not gather all the soiled linens, clothes, and animals and throw them into the bathtub to deal with in the morning. That would be gross. I diligently rinse everything and start a load of laundry, so that I won't be behind in the morning.

This week when the rug fell victim to the illness in the middle of the night. I most certainly did not take it out to the rail of the deck, pour a couple of pitchers of hot water over the affected area and leave it to deal with later. It did not stay out on the deck for three days until my husband asked if it was part of our new deck decor, finally prompting me to clean it thoroughly. It is most certainly not STILL out there half covered with snow waiting for the temperatures to rise above freezing so that it will thaw out and then dry.

During the night that our two youngest boys (Colby-2 and Nicholas-10 months) were most actively sick, I did not let them share a puke bowl. They most certainly did not decide to use said bowl at the exact same time. When finished, Nicholas did not try to splash his hand in the contents. If he had tried, I, being much faster than a mere baby, would have stopped him before he was successful.

Our sick children have not been consuming ginger ale, blue Powerade, Jello, and Popsicles. What kind of mother would allow a sick child to ingest that much sugar and artificial junk? If that were happening my health conscience children would NOT be enjoying it. They would be asking for something with a little more nutritive value.

I have not been secretly relieved that for the past week I have only had to cook for 7-9 people rather than the usual 12. I would not rejoice even slightly at my own offspring's misfortune.

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Tanya said...

That's so funny, I love the rug story, just like I would have handles it.

Kimarie Card said...

hahaha, Kimberly! So this is what you've been up to. I love this blog, and especially this story! this will be a fun way to keep in touch. The napkin idea is awesome, as well. We usually use washcloths here and there, but I simply never thought of getting a BUNCH of them and the individual napkin rings. THANKS!

Raising Olives said...

Thanks Kimarie. I hope you come back often.

Nikki said...

hahaha I loved this post. I'm glad to find out other people make similar choices when their kids are sick.

Seth said...

I'm starting to think that your kids get sick on purpose, I mean with what they get to eat I would definitely "get sick" for that.