Saturday, March 7, 2009

Homemade Buttermilk and Yogurt

Here are three quick and easy ways to save money on your dairy expenses without cutting your usage.

Make your own buttermilk, make your own yogurt, and how to use powdered milk in your cooking.

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Mom Starr said...

Hey Kimberly, You have inspired me to try more from scratch. This gives me a chance to teach my daughter more too since we will be learning together. I made my own refried black beans today: DEEE-Licious!! I looked up a recipe for english muffins and will try this soon. Do you ever freeze refried beans? Thanks for being an inspiration but I think I have already told you that! :>) LLS

Raising Olives said...


I usually freeze the beans after I have cooked them. Then it is simple to just thaw and re-fry or throw into a soup or casserole.

Laurel said...

I've often thought about making my own yogurt. I just might have to try this recipe.

My blog has several posts on saving money at the grocery store. Just check my archives for, "What's Cooking?"

We feed our family of 10 (currently at home) for less than $500 / month. And, this includes a very athletic daddy and two athletic high school sons. So, we have some big eaters. :)


Laurel :)
mama of 13