Friday, March 6, 2009

Night Time Antics

Colby's (2) favorite person to take him to the bathroom is Matthew. A few hours after putting the children to bed we heard a commotion upstairs. When we entered the boys bedroom, Colby had exited his bed, climbed to the top of the ladder and was clinging to the top bunk and shouting, "Mafew, Mafew, I have to go pooootyyy." By the time we arrived he was quite upset that Matthew was still soundly sleeping and the decibel level was nearly deafening. "MAAAAAAFEW, I HAVE TO GO POOOOOOTYYY!" Happily he was satisfied with some help from Dad.

Another evening, after I had been in bed for a few hours I heard a voice calling, "Mommy." Unwilling to get out of bed, I called, "What honey?" A moment later there was a knock at our door. Still hoping to remain in bed I replied, "Come in." Nothing. I knew the gig was up. I got out of bed and opened the door. Without so much as a sidelong glance at me, Colby, blanket in tow, marched across the room and over to my side of the bed. Then he turned and requested, "Sleep in Mommy Daddy's bed?" "Don't you want to sleep on this nice soft rug?", I suggested. "No, Mommy Daddy's bed." I think that he enjoyed his sick privileges a little too much.

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