Thursday, March 12, 2009

Laundry Help - The Family Closet

The family closet is a laundry/storage system that has always interested me. You must click on the link, it's just pictures, go on. If you aren't intrigued after looking at the pictures then you don't have to read anymore, I promise.

Still here? The premise is simple, store all of the clothes or at least all of the children's clothes in one room, preferably the laundry room.

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MomStarr said...

These pictures are great!!! I have been dealing with the laundry dilemma for a few years now!! I have no space anywhere upstairs to do this but it sure does help with alternative ideas for our downstairs clothing storage area. Maybe one day I will have a laundry room to make into the family closet! Clever!! Lori S.

Nikki said...

I LOVE the family closet and miss it in this house. But when we move next month, I am DETERMINED to have a family closet again.

As far as boys/girls wanting to change at the same time, you can always assign times to change.

In our last home we had a family closet for just the children. But I'm thinking it will be for the whole family in the next house.

Love your blog as usual, keep the great posts coming!

Kristin said...

We have attempted to have a family closet on several occasions, but our new home finally offered the ability to so more easily. We have two closets with a built-in dresser between. I have been meaning to post about our own closet, but I still can't seem to keep it organized enough to share!